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Ultra Fine Filters for PureSom, Zzz-PAP & ComfortPAP CPAP Machines - 2 Pack

AG Industries - AG-7511-2
These ultra fine filters (which may come in yellow or blue) are designed for use with all Puresom, Zzz-PAP, and ComfortPAP machines. Ultra fine filters are disposable; for optimal performance they should be changed regularly when they appear soiled or discolored.

$ 3.95
AC Power Cord for Various Respironics, ResMed, SleepStyle, Zzz-PAP and IntelliPAP Machines

DirectHomeMedical - 1005894 (8-Foot), 36830 (6-Foot - Replaces Part 33938)
These Power Cords are designed to work with standard North American (US & Canadian) wall outlets and are available in two lengths -- 6-feet and 8-feet. They are compatible with systems from Covidien, DeVilbiss, ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, PMI Probasics, Philips Respironics, and others.

$ 10.45
FlexiTube Angle Adapter for CPAP Hose-to-Machine Connections

AG Industries - SP-FT
The FlexiTube is designed to flex in any direction, without twisting, to reduce the torsion and stress that can sometimes occur at the join between CPAP machines and hoses.

$ 7.95

PMI Probasics - 7521 (CPAP), 7520 (CPAP with Heated Humidifier)
One of the lightest and smallest CPAPs on the market the Zzz-PAP from Probasics delivers performance, simplicity, style and value in a VERY small package. With a wide pressure range, adjustable ramp, universal power supply, optional humidification, and a 2-year manufacturer's warranty the Zzz-PAP is an ideal basic CPAP solution at a brilliant low price.

Water Chamber for PureSom, Zzz-PAP & ComfortPAP Heated Humidifiers (DISCONTINUED)

PMI Probasics, CareFusion - 7601
This replacement water chamber is designed for use with all Zzz-PAP, Puresom, and ComfortPAP Heated Humidifiers.

Zzz-PAP Integrated Heated Humidifier for Zzz-PAP Mini CPAP Machines (DISCONTINUED)

PMI Probasics - 7620
The Zzz-PAP Heated Humidifier integrates easily with any Zzz-PAP CPAP machine to provide a compact humidification solution that helps relieve the nasal irritation and dryness that many CPAP users experience without humidification.
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6-Foot AC Cord Extender for Various Respironics, ResMed, SleepStyle and IntelliPAPs (DISCONTINUED)

Respironics - 1020425
This AC Power Cord Extender will extend the length of the standard AC power cords by approximately 6-feet. It compatible with the standard AC Power Cords used on many of the CPAP & BiPAP machines from Covidien, DeVilbiss, ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, Probasics, and Philips Respironics.

Silicone Gasket for PureSom, Zzz-PAP & ComfortPAP Heated Humidifiers - 2 Pack (DISCONTINUED)

PMI Probasics, CareFusion - 7602
These round silicone gaskets are designed for use with all Zzz-PAP, ComfortPAP, and PureSom CPAP machines and humidifiers.