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6-Foot Tender Tube Reversable Soft Fleece CPAP & BiPAP Hose Cover

Captive Technologies - 2420 (Blue), 2422 (Black), 2424 (Beige)
Tender Tube CPAP Hose Covers help prevent rain-out and transform your cold, medical CPAP or BiPAP tubing into something warm and cozy to touch. Unlike most CPAP Hose Covers, Tender Tubing is reversible with soft fleece on one side and sleek fabric on the other. A zipper along the length of the tube makes it easy to insert and remove tubing.

$ 11.95
Blue Tubing Wrap CPAP Hose Cover For 6.0 to 6.5 Foot Hoses

ResMed - 33963
Compatible with all CPAP & BiLevel machines that use standard tubing, ResMed's soft Tubing Wrap padded hose covers help prevent "rain out" by lightly insulating hoses and tubing.

$ 14.00
Gray Tubing Wrap for SlimLine™, ClimateLine™ & ClimateLineAir™ CPAP Hoses

ResMed - 36811
This custom hose cover is designed exclusively for use with ResMed's SlimLine and ClimateLine tubing. The Tubing Wrap helps insulate the hose from cooler outside air and improves the overall look and feel of the CPAP tubing on the bed.

$ 10.45