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Respironics Reusable Foam Filter for DreamStation Series CPAP & BiPAP Machines - 1 Pack

Philips Respironics - 1122446
These Reusable Foam Pollen Filters are made of blended synthetic fibers in a blue carrier. They are original Philips Respironics branded filters compatible with all DreamStation CPAP & BiLevel machines.

$ 4.49
Universal Inline Bacterial Viral Filter for CPAP Machines

Hudson RCI - H1605
With viral and bacterial filtration efficiencies of over 99.99% the Hudson 1605 Universal Inline CPAP Filter comes complete with holders as shown. Hudson's filter technology helps stop the viruses and bacteria that often plague sleep therapy users creating a clean, sterile environment for a healthy night's sleep.

$ 3.95
Air Inlet Filter with Frame for Older Transcend CPAP Machines

Somnetics - 503003
This Air Inlet Filter with Frame is designed for use with older Transcend Series CPAP Machines. The filter comes pre-attached to the plastic base as shown and cannot be removed.

$ 11.95
Hose Tubing Management Clip for CPAP & Oxygen Therapy

Mars Enterprises - HCW401 (White), HCB402 (Blue), HCG403 (Gray), HCBL404 (Black), HCR405 (Red)
When you turn in bed does your hose pull on your CPAP mask? Does your oxygen cannula get dragged and yanked as you move around the house or walk down the street? Use Tubing Management Clips to attach your CPAP tubing, oxygen hoses and nasal cannulas to bed sheets or clothing; securing tubing wherever necessary to ensure you aren't constantly disrupted by annoying pulls and drags.

$ 4.25
O2 Ear Buddies Oxygen Cannula Clips - 1 Pair

O2 Ear Buddies - CLR052 (Clear), BL231 (Black) Discontinued, WT378 (White)
O2 Ear Buddies are a simple solution to make wearing oxygen tubes comfortable day to day. Clipping easily onto a hat, headband, wig or visor; O2 Ear Buddies help prevent decubitus ulcers, alleviate pressure sores and relieve irritation caused by contact dermatitis on the ears. With O2 Ear Buddies, nasal cannulas and oxygen tubes bypass the back of the ears, instantly eliminating a VERY sore spot for many oxygen users.

$ 9.95
OxyCozy Soft Flannel Nasal Cannula Wraps

OxyCozy - OCWHT01 (White), OCPNK02 (Pink), OCNAT03 (Natural), OCLIL04 (Lilac), OCBLU05 (Blue), OCCHT06 (Chocolate)
OxyCozy Cannula Covers add a layer of soft comfort to your oxygen therapy, wrapping nasal cannulas in gentle flannel fabric to help prevent the skin irritation and chilly noses so common to many supplementary oxygen users.

Was 14.99 Now $12.49
Oxy Couture Soft Fabric Cover Wraps for Oxygen Nasal Cannulas (DISCONTINUED)

Oxy Couture Soft Fabric Cannula Covers help prevent skin irritation and breakdown due to prolonged use of nasal cannulas and oxygen tubing; and they're a great way to increase comfort and add a little personal style to your oxygen therapy routine.