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MiniEdge PAPillow CPAP Pillow with 100% Soft Cotton Pillow Case (DISCONTINUED)

PAPillow - ME-90001
The MiniEdge PAPillow works great for adults and children who use CPAP/BiPAP but prefer a smaller pillow. The Mini Edge includes all of the great features of the large DoubleEdge PAPillow but with a smaller boomarang design that can be used on its own or with an additional standard bed pillow for added elevation during sleep. It's also great for travel!

Reservoir Drain Plug for Transcend Series CPAP Humidifier Water Chambers

Somnetics - 503083
This Reservoir Drain Plug fits in the base of all Transcend Heated Humidifier Water Chambers.

$ 7.95
H9M Wearable Waterless Humidification System For Transcend CPAP Machines (DISCONTINUED)

Somnetics - 303006
The optional H9M System gives you a wearable CPAP option that provides the most freedom of movement of any CPAP on the market. The H9M system comes with a proprietary mask and a short, 9-inch hose that allows you to roll over in bed without the discomfort of hose pull. The H9M system is the smallest and most compact CPAP option on the market.
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SleepStyle 604 Humidified CPAP Machine with ThermoSmart (DISCONTINUED)

Fisher & Paykel - HC604
Fisher & Paykel's SleepStyle 604 CPAP System with built-in humidifier and ThermoSmart Heated Tubing is the first CPAP in the world to deliver constant optimal humidification with anti-rainout benefits. ThermoSmart technology offers a unique heated breathing tube that enables the constant delivery of higher, optimal humidity levels and helps prevent condensation to optimize patient comfort and sleep. A built-in heated humidifier means the SleepStyle 604 is quiet, comfortable, small, and easy to use.
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Everest 3 Travel CPAP Machine (DISCONTINUED)

AEIOmed - 300140
The Everest 3 CPAP Machine from AEIOmed is quiet, reliable and one of the smallest CPAP systems on the market. The Everest's optional Battery Pack allows use anywhere and acts as a backup power source in the event your electricity goes out.

Transcend Wearable CPAP Machine (DISCONTINUED)

Somnetics - 503001
Transcend is the smallest, lightest (Less than a pound), most portable and practical sleep apnea therapy system available. It is perfect for travel and great for home too! Worn on the head, Transcend is quiet and vibration-free. The short hose and compact interface help prevent seal leaks and provide unlimited mobility. With Transcend, you’re free to roll over in bed or even get up and walk around - when using the optional battery – without breaking the mask seal, disconnecting a hose, or sacrificing therapy.
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