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Heated 15MM Tubing for DreamStation Series CPAP & BiPAP Machines

Philips Respironics - HT15
This slim 15-MM Heated Tubing from Philips Respironics is designed exclusively for use with DreamStation CPAP & BiPAP devices equipped with a Heated Humidifier.

Was 38.00 Now $32.00
6 Foot Ultra-Light White Slim 15-MM Performance Tubing for CPAP & BiPAP Machines

Philips Respironics - 1074400
Slim Pure White Performance Tubing is compatible with CPAP & BiPAP machines -- like the System One 60 Series and ResMed's S9 Series -- that have a setting option for 15-MM Tubing. Slim Performance Tubing is 20% lighter and much more flexible than standard tubing. Its ultra-light design provides a more forgiving connection to your machine so it is less likely to pull on your mask and disrupt the seal!

Was 14.95 Now $12.45
Slim 15MM Tubing DreamStation

Philips Respironics - PR15

$ 9.99
The CPAP Tube Brush

Monaco Products Inc - TB-5-19 (Tube Brush for Standard CPAP Tubing), TB-5-15 (Tube Brush for Slim CPAP Tubing)
The CPAP Tube Brush is specially designed to scrub and clean the insides of CPAP & BiPAP hoses -- including Standard & SlimLine versions. The Tube Brush's sturdy metal stem lets you gently and thoroughly clean the otherwise virtually unreachable interiors of CPAP tubes. The soft nylon bristles fit perfectly to clean without scratching or damaging tubing.

$ 15.95
CPAP Tube Cleaning Hanger System

AG Industries - AG-CLN-HA
Rinse, Soak & Dry! The CPAP Tube Cleaning Hanger System is a quick, easy, convenient tool for cleaning CPAP or BiPAP Hoses and Tubing. Use the End Caps to secure cleaning solution inside of your tube; then swish and soak for deep cleaning. Remove the End Caps and hang your hose on the Tubing Bridge for fast, easy drying.

$ 16.95
Hybernite Rainout Control System for Humidified CPAP Machines

Plastiflex - ROC2300
The Hybernite Rainout Control System enhances sleep therapy comfort by preventing condensation and rainout at the mask and within your CPAP or BiPAP breathing tube. Hybernite doesn't require the latest-and-greatest CPAP machine to work. It is a standalone solution that can be used with any Humidified CPAP or BiPAP machine that accepts standard tubing.

Was 69.95 Now $55.95
CPAP Tube Cleaning Wand Starter Pack with Pads

AG Industries - AG-CLN-WA
The CPAP Tube Cleaning Wand is an ideal solution for cleaning the hard to reach places inside your CPAP or BiPAP Hoses and Tubing. The Tube Cleaning Wand quickly snaps together and comes with pre-moistened cleaning pads for quick, efficient, and easy cleaning without any hassle or mess!

Was 28.95 Now $23.45
15MM Overhead Tubing with Swivel for Breeze SleepGear CPAP Masks (DISCONTINUED)

Puritan Bennett - Y-101976-00
This is the short tubing that extends from the Nasal Pillows or DreamSeal on the Breeze mask up the Hose Guide and then over the head to attach to your main CPAP breathing tube.