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100-Foot BRIGHT WHITE Smooth Bore Oxygen Supply Tubing

Salter Labs - 1019
Salter's 100-FOOT WHITE Oxygen Supply Tubing features features a smooth inner surface and a bright white color so that it is much easier to see than clear tubing.

$ 30.00
8 Foot 'Extended' Hose Tubing for CPAP & BiPAP Machines

DirectHomeMedical - 08TUDHM
Just a bit longer than regular tubing our 8-Foot Smooth Bore CPAP & BiPAP Tubing provides greater flexibility and freedom of movement for people who prefer some extra wiggle room or are lucky enough to sleep in a big bed!

$ 8.25
Corrugated Breathing Tubes for CPAP Pro & ApneaPAP "No Mask" - 1 Pair

Stevenson Industries - PROPART-5
These Corrugated Breathing Tubes are designed for use with all CPAP Pro & ApneaPAP "No Mask" Setups. The Corrugated Tubes extend from the No Mask's nasal pillows to your main CPAP breathing tube.

$ 29.95
Short Tube Assembly (with Elbow & Swivel) for Swift™ FX Series CPAP Masks

ResMed - 61528
This Short Tube Assembly with Elbow & Swivel is designed for use with all Swift FX Series Nasal Pillows Masks including the Swift FX, Swift FX For Her, Swift FX Bella and Swift FX Bella Gray.

$ 68.00
Compact 525DS Oxygen Concentrator Bundle - 5 LPM

Devilbiss Healthcare - 525DS
Made in the USA, the robust DeVilbiss 525DS Compact Oxygen Concentrator offers just the right balance of cool and quiet for home users. The simplified cabinet design allows for 15% typical sound quality improvement and improved system cooling. Innovative Turn-Down Techology helps reduce energy bills while still providing high quality, continuous oxygen flow at settings up to 5 LPM 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year.
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Was 699.00 Now $599.00
SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator Bundle (Pulse Dose)

Philips Respironics - 1113601 (SimplyGo Mini POC with Standard Battery), 1113602 (SimplyGo Mini POC with Extended Battery)
Powerful, elegant, durable and lightweight the SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator sets a new standard for oxygen therapy on the go. SimplyGo Mini weighs just 5 pounds, with a battery installed, and provides pulse dose therapy up to a setting of 5. Its stylish, non-clinical design looks great, the built in touch screen interface is simple to use, and the rugged construction is ideal for oxygen users on the go.
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Was 2,895.00 Now $2,595.00
HC355 Extended Life Water Chamber for Fisher & Paykel 200 Series CPAP Machines

Fisher & Paykel - HC355
The HC355 Extended Life humidifier water chamber is designed for use with all Fisher & Paykel 200 Series CPAP systems including the HC200, HC201, HC220, and the HC221; as well as SleepStyle 230, 240 and 250 series systems including the HC231, HC232, HC234, HC242, HC244, and HC254.

$ 39.00
Blue Tubing Wrap CPAP Hose Cover For 6.0 to 6.5 Foot Hoses

ResMed - 33963
Compatible with all CPAP & BiLevel machines that use standard tubing, ResMed's soft Tubing Wrap padded hose covers help prevent "rain out" by lightly insulating hoses and tubing.

$ 14.00
SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator Bundle (Continuous Flow & Pulse Dose)

Philips Respironics - 1068987
At just 10-pounds SimplyGo is the lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) on the market to offer both Continuous Flow and Pulse-Dose oxygen delivery. SimplyGo's non-clinical style and ease-of-use make it a great solution for oxygen therapy whether you use it 24-hours a day or just when you're on the go. Ruggedly built and rigorously tested SimplyGo is proudly made in the USA and is approved by the FAA for use on all commercial flights originating or landing within the US.
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Was 3,295.00 Now $2,995.00
360-Degree Swivel Adapter for Hose-to-Hose Connections with CPAP & BiPAP

Philips Respironics - 7041
This Swivel Adapter provides a 360-degree swivel connection between any two CPAP hoses or tubes. The adapter's 360-degree swivel provides extra freedom of movement for your setup and prevents kinking or pulling.

$ 4.19
Activox 4L Portable Oxygen Concentrator Bundle (Pulse Dose)

ResMed / Inova Labs - AOX-P4L-US
ResMed's LifeChoice Activox 4L offers the longest lasting internal battery of any portable oxygen concentrator. Activox 4L's Pulse-Wave, delivers oxygen up to 4 LPMeq, in a concentrator that weighs less than 5 pounds. With an internal battery, AC and DC power all included the Activox 4L is a great option for people with high oxygen requirements who don’t want to compromise on battery life, weight or ease of use.
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Was 3,195.00 Now $2,695.00
HC360 Extended Life Water Chamber for SleepStyle 600 Series CPAP Machines

Fisher & Paykel - HC360
The HC360 Extended Life Humidifier Water Chamber is designed for use with all SleepStyle 600 Series CPAP systems (HC604, HC608, etc.).

$ 38.95
Rechargeable Battery for SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Philips Respironics - 1116816 (Standard Battery), 1116817 (Extended Battery)
Rechargeable Battery for SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrators

$ 300.00
OxyArm Plus Head Band with Nasal Cannula Arm & 7-Foot Oxygen Supply Tubing

Southmedic - OA-PLUS-3125-8
The unique OxyArm incorporates a telephone like headset and adjustable cannula arm, that extends in front of the face, to provide a direct nasal cannula interface without direct contact to the cheeks or ears.

$ 14.95
Injection Hose for SoClean® Series CPAP Cleaners & Sanitizers

SoClean Inc. - PN1104
This Injection Hose is required whenever a SoClean series CPAP Sanitizer is used with a heated humidiifer.

$ 7.00
360-Degree Swivel Adapter CPAP Hose-to-Mask or Hose-to-Machine Connections

AG Industries - CP616329 (Replaces S-616329-00B)
This Swivel Adapter provides a 360-degree swivel connection between a CPAP hose and a mask, or a hose and a CPAP machine. The 360-degree swivel provides extra freedom of movement for your setup and prevents kinking or pulling.

$ 8.99
Elbow Assembly (with Valve & Clip) for Mirage Liberty™ CPAP Masks

ResMed - 61340
This is the Elbow Assembly that connects the Mirage Liberty Frame with the Short Tube that extends away from the mask. It comes pre-assembled with the Valve and Clip and is designed for use with all Mirage Liberty CPAP Masks.

$ 18.00
Carrying Case for DreamStation Series CPAP & BiPAP Machines

Philips Respironics - 1121162
This stylish, dark gray Travel Bag from Philips Respironics is designed for use with all DreamStation CPAP & BiPAP machines. It comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap for ease of use.

$ 39.95
Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0 with Removable Fitted Cover

ContourLiving - 14-151R (Replaces 14-101R)
Designed to fit the unique needs of sleep therapy users, the Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0's special shape comfortably supports the neck and spine while alleviating the soreness and pressure caused when CPAP masks press into standard bed pillows. CPAP Pillow 2.0 improves on the original with a wider sleep support area, an improved shape to better accommodate modern mask designs, an extended hose tether, and more comfortable overall construction and materials.

Was 59.95 Now $49.95
HC300 Long Life Water Chamber for Fisher & Paykel HC100, HC105 and HC150 Humidifiers

Fisher & Paykel - HC300
The HC300 Long Life Humidifier Chamber is designed for use with all Fisher & Paykel HC100, HC105, and HC150 Series Humidifiers.

$ 39.00
Blue Gel Nasal Cushion with SST Flap for ComfortGel Blue & ComfortGel (Original) CPAP Masks

Philips Respironics - 1070108 (Petite), 1070107 (Small), 1070106 (Medium), 1070105 (Large)
This BLUE Gel Nasal Cushion features a new generation, soft, pliable gel that readily adapts to facial features, thereby simplifying fit and contributing to overall comfort. The included Secure Seal Technology (SST) Comfort Flap fits over the gel cushion to improve overall seal and help extend cushion life.

$ 18.49
CPAP & BiPAP Travel Briefcase with Laptop Bag

Philips Respironics - 1114784
The CPAP & BiPAP Travel Briefcase is the ideal carry-on for sleep therapy users. The sleek, sturdy design meets all FAA requirements for carry-on luggage; while the spacious interior provides plenty of room for your CPAP equipment and extras like a laptop, a paperback, or other travel convenience items. The CPAP Travel Briefcase is designed by Philips Respironics; but its padded compartments are great for most other CPAP machines as well!

Was 99.00 Now $89.00
CPAPmax 2.0 CPAP Pillow with Removable Fitted Cover

ContourLiving - 15-551R (Replaces 15-501R)
The CPAPmax Pillow's unique shape is designed specifically to accommodate the needs of CPAP mask wearers without causing pressure points or discomfort. The advanced 2-in-1 design lets you choose from a traditional fiberfill or plush memory foam sleeping surface; and the dual surface fitted cover allows you to sleep as you prefer on a naturally cooling 3D Mesh fabric or a warm, traditional feel.

$ 59.99
AirCurve™ 10 VAuto BiLevel Machine Package with HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier

ResMed - 37211 (AirCurve 10 VAuto with Heated Humidifier), 37212 (AirCurve 10 VAuto with Heated Humidifier & ClimateLineAir Tubing)
AirCurve 10 VAuto combines the best of ResMed's sleep therapy technologies into an advanced auto-bilevel device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. AirSense 10 VAuto adjusts inspiratory and expiratory pressure levels throughout the night to adapt to your sleep needs; and it includes intelligent enhancements like an ambient light sensor, user friendly controls, and a built-in HumidAir Humidifier to ensure you receive a comfortable, peaceful, successful night's sleep.
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$ 1,726.00