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Backpack for SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Philips Respironics - 1116836 (Brown), 1119894 (Black)
This attractive backpack is designed as an alternative carrying case for the SimplyGo Mini Portable Oxygen Concentrator. It is available in two colors -- brown and black -- providing a convenient hands free option for getting out and about with your SimplyGo Mini!

$ 124.95
Backpack Harness for AirSep FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrators

AirSep Caire - MI284-1
For people with active walking lifestyles or for climbing this Backpack Harness is a great way to carry the FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator while keeping both hands free. The FreeStyle's standard Carrying Case attaches easily to the straps on the Backpack Harness to create an integrated backpack that is easy and comfortable to wear.

$ 49.95
Backpack for Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Inogen - CA-350
This full-sized backpack is designed exclusively for use with the Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator. The backpack features a main compartment for carrying the InogenOne G3 and a lower pocket for extra accessories.

$ 125.00
Black Padded Backpack with Adjustable Straps for Inogen One G2 Oxygen Concentrators (DISCONTINUED)

Inogen - CA-250
This full-size backpack features a padded main compartment for carrying the Inogen One G2 and a lower pocket for an extra battery and accessories.