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IntelliPAP 2 AutoAdjust Auto-CPAP Machine Package

DeVilbiss Healthcare - DV64D (Intellipap 2 AutoAdjust), DV64D-HH (Intellipap 2 AutoAdjust with Heated Humidifier), DV64D-HHPD (IntelliPAP 2 with Pulse Dose Heated Humidifier)
The IntelliPAP 2 AutoAdjust Auto-CPAP is designed to help you get the best possible night's sleep from start to finish. With a unique PureView pressure algorithm IntelliPAP 2 adjusts therapy on a breath by breath basis to ensure the optimum pressure is provided for successful, comfortable sleep therapy. IntelliPAP 2 is quiet and compact so it's great for home and travel; and it is proudly made in the USA with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty so you know it's built to last!

Was 699.00 Now $599.00
IntelliPAP BiLevel Machine Package with SmartCode

DeVilbiss Healthcare - DV55D (IntelliPAP BiLevel), DV55D-HH (IntelliPAP BiLevel with Heated Humidifier)
The IntelliPAP BiLevel is a great choice for people who require higher therapy pressures and bilevel therapy. The IntelliPAP BiLevel offers a wide pressure range from 3-25cm and can be operated in CPAP or BiLevel mode. It also features SmartCode technology for easy access to therapy information and compliance data. And since it is an IntelliPAP you can expect whisper quiet operation, a small footprint, auto altitude adjustment, ramp, and the industry's longest standard warranty (5 years!).
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$ 945.00
SD Data Card - 2 GB

DirectHomeMedical - SDDATACARD
This 2GB SD Data Card is compatible with all ResMed, Respironics & DeVilbiss CPAP and BiLevel machines that use an SD Data Card for storage of sleep therapy data.

Was 12.99 Now $9.99