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Accessory Carry-All Bag for AirSep FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Caire SeQual AirSep - MI320-1
This Accessory Carry-All Bag comes standard with all FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrators. It includes a shoulder strap, carry handles and divided sections for easy storage of a variety of supplies.

$ 29.95
Particle Filter for AirSep FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrators - 1 Pack

Caire SeQual AirSep - FI144-1
These Air Intake Particle Filters are designed for use with all AirSep FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrators. A filter must always be in place when the FreeStyle Concentrator is in use.

$ 2.95
FreeStyle 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (DISCONTINUED)

Caire SeQual AirSep - AS095-1
AirSep's FreeStyle 3 provides active oxygen users with the oxygen they need in an efficient, ultra-portable package. The diminutive FreeStyle 3 comes with a convenient carry case so it can be worn over the shoulder like a purse or camera bag; and at just 4.4 pounds with an internal battery it is lightweight and durable too. Each FreeStyle 3 Bundle includes Universal AC & DC Power Cords so it's easy to recharge at home, on the road, or around the world!
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DirectHomeMedical Prescription Items Policies

DirectHomeMedical - Careteam
In compliance with FDA regulations, DirectHomeMedical requires a prescription for selected items sold on this site including CPAP and BiLevel Machines, CPAP Masks, Humidifiers, Provent Therapy, and Oxygen Concentrators. Prescriptions are NOT required for a wide range of other items including replacement parts such as headgear, tubing, filters, mask parts, machine parts, comfort accessories, and other supplies.