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Premium Forehead Pad for Various Comfort & Amara Series CPAP Masks

Philips Respironics - 1040114
This Premium Forehead Pad offers increased padding and softer support on the forehead. It is supplied as standard many of the newer Respironics masks and can also be used as an alternative forehead pad with many older Respironics masks.

$ 5.99
Ultra Mirage™ Full Face CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

ResMed - 60600 (Small Standard), 60602 (Medium Standard), 60604 (Large Standard), 60601 (Small Shallow), 60603 (Medium Shallow), 60605 (Large Shallow)
By covering both the nose and the mouth during use the Ultra Mirage Full Face enables effective sleep therapy, minimizing the loss that can result from mouth breathing or mouth leak. Premium features such as soft and dual-wall cushioning along the bridge of the nose mean that the Ultra Mirage Full Face is as easy to wear as it is effective to use.
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$ 167.00
ComfortGel (Original) NASAL CPAP Mask (DISCONTINUED)

Philips Respironics - 1009040 (Petite) Discontinued, 1009041 (Small), 1009042 (Medium) Discontinued, 1009043 (Large) Discontinued
One of the most popular masks on the market, the ComfortGel CPAP & BiPAP mask delivers the ultimate in adaptability with a gel cushion that is quickly customized to create a perfect fit molded to your unique features. In addition a Comfort Flap provides extra comfort and a better seal, and an adjustable forehead support provides additional flexibility.
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ComfortFusion Nasal CPAP Mask (DISCONTINUED)

Philips Respironics - 1040769 (Small), 1040770 (Medium), 1040768 (FitPack Small & Medium), 1040842 (DuoPack Small) Discontinued, 1040843 (DuoPack Medium) Discontinued
The ComfortFusion mask is the newest member of the Comfort Series of masks, combining Respironics' years of mask design experience with an understanding and appreciation of sleep therapy patient needs. You'll love the superior seal that results from the pairing of the soft, replaceable cushion and the StabilitySelector, along with the premium soft forehead pad and the Fusion Headgear.
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Standard Forehead Pads for Various Comfort Series CPAP Masks - 4 Pack (DISCONTINUED)

Philips Respironics - 1009722
This is the soft, silicone pad that attaches to the forehead support bar on all ComfortGel "Original" NASAL, ComfortSelect, ComfortFull, and ComfortFull 2 masks.