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6-Foot Tender Tube Reversable Soft Fleece CPAP & BiPAP Hose Cover

Captive Technologies - 2420 (Blue), 2422 (Black), 2424 (Beige)
Tender Tube CPAP Hose Covers help prevent rain-out and transform your cold, medical CPAP or BiPAP tubing into something warm and cozy to touch. Unlike most CPAP Hose Covers, Tender Tubing is reversible with soft fleece on one side and sleek fabric on the other. A zipper along the length of the tube makes it easy to insert and remove tubing.

$ 11.95
Total Face Mask CPAP Mask Pack with Headgear

Philips Respironics - 302433 (Standard)
If nasal cushions, nasal pillows and full face cushions are just too much then the unique Total Face Mask may be the perfect solution for you. Its inflatable flexible sealing layer and clear plastic faceplate minimize facial and create a natural breathing environment unlike any other CPAP interface.

$ 114.00
F&P Lady Zest Q Premium Nasal CPAP Mask (DISCONTINUED)

Fisher & Paykel - 400447 (Petite), 400448 (Standard)
The F&P Lady Zest Q adds a quintessentially feminine appeal to Fisher & Paykel's Zest line of CPAP & BiPAP masks. Lady Zest Q introduces subtle comfort refinements to the original Zest nasal mask design while preserving the great features that made it so popular. The most noticeable changes you'll find are the rose patterned headgear and the updated Air Diffuser that ensures minimal noise and efficient exhaust dispersal.
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M-Series BiPAP Auto BiLevel Machine (DISCONTINUED)

Philips Respironics - DS700S (BiPAP), DS700HS (BiPAP with Heated Humidifier)
The BiPAP Auto is the first device to combine auto adjusting pressure delivery with the breath-by-breath pressure relief of Bi-Flex. It's the most natural sleep therapy you can find, and it comes complete with Encore Pro SmartCard technology.
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M-Series REMstar Auto CPAP Machine (DISCONTINUED)

Philips Respironics - DS510S (Auto-CPAP), DS510HS (Auto-CPAP with Heated Humidifier)
The M Series REMstar Auto with A-Flex brings together the comfort of Auto therapy with A-Flex's inspitatory and expiratory relief to provide Respironics most comfortable therapy to date. It's ultra-smart, and like all M Series CPAPs the REMstar Auto is super small and super light too!
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M-Series REMstar Pro CPAP Machine (DISCONTINUED)

Philips Respironics - DS400S (CPAP), DS400HS (CPAP with Heated Humidifier)
With C-Flex, auto-altitude compensation, advanced therapy tracking, an onboard Encore SmartCard and a brilliant form factor -- just 7x5x3 inches and 2.2 lbs -- the REMstar Pro M Series is hard to beat!
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M-Series REMstar Plus CPAP Machine (DISCONTINUED)

Philips Respironics - DS200 (CPAP), DS200S (CPAP with SmartCard), DS200HS (CPAP with SmartCard & Heated Humidifier)
The first system in Respironics brilliant new M Series, the REMstar Plus redefines the entry-level CPAP market and makes it -- well -- A WHOLE LOT BETTER! The new REMstar Plus M Series includes Respironics' exclusive C-Flex Technology and is ultra-small, ultra-light and exceptionally easy to use. It includes a new simplified onboard navigation system, and great accessories like the Encore Pro SmartCard and an optional integrated heated humidifier.
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